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Learn to Lein  
Product ID: 1583309136
Publisher: Feldheim
Learn to Lein

by Rabbi Shloime Kohn

Emphasizes Trop as fundamental for the transmission of our mesorah. For example, Rashi and other major commentators explained the meaning of certain phrases in the Torah on the basis of the Trop. It clarifies grammatical structure, determines accents, plus giving emphasis, special meaning and emotional depth to the Torah portions being read. Through Trop we know exactly which day Moshe Rabbenu commanded Yehoshua to attack Amalek.

In Learn To Lein, Rabbi Shloime Kohn, puts basics of learning Trop at your fingertips. Illustrated with charts of pronunciation analysis, word relationships, accents, symbol explanations, and word sequences, it's an independent reference guide and learning tool.

Comes complete with an audio CD. Learn To Lein now makes your leining learning portable, convenient, and easy to review. Easy-to-follow practice lessons enable you to learn in the visual and auditory mode at the same time. This book will increase your knowledge, enhance your study skills, and give you the ability to have our living mesorah a part of your daily life.

Book + CD

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